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5 Ways Students Can Save on Textbooks

college woman carrying books

It’s a huge accomplishment to be accepted to college! These four (plus?) years will likely be expensive and any way to save some money can be helpful. Required textbooks can be costly.

Here are five ways to help students save on the heavy financial burden of textbooks.


1. Rent Textbooks!

Throughout a student’s first two years of college, they typically take core classes. Usually these classes don’t impact their major curriculum, therefore the subjects in the textbooks may not be related to their concentration of study. Instead of buying a book they only need for one semester, rent and return!


2. If You Are Buying, Buy Used.

A student may need to purchase a textbook because it’s related to their field of study. If so, they should consider buying a used book. Used books are cheaper than new ones. To go one step further, students can buy an older edition (which may be even more discounted), but they should be sure to check with their professor and class syllabus to see if that edition will be acceptable.


3. Post in a College Group on Social Media.

Most colleges have their own social media pages where students can ask questions about classes and share helpful tips with one another. Students could consider posting about textbooks on the pages. It’s common to see questions like, “Has anyone taken Finance 101 with Professor Smith and will I need to buy a book for his class?” Others will see the post and
someone who has taken that class may offer the necessary books up for purchase or rent.


4. Rent on Chegg and Amazon.

If students are going to go the rental route, two options to consider are Chegg and Amazon. Check both sites, as there are times where one website may be less expensive than the other. You can also purchase books from these websites. Fun fact: Chegg is kind enough to send you either a Red bull, coupons, and even laundry pads…they definitely understand today’s college students!


5. Go Halfsies!

Another way to save on textbooks is to split the cost of a textbook with another student. Obviously, this option only works if two students are taking the same class and both agree to share the book. Bonus – while saving money on textbooks they’ll also gain a study buddy!

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